3 Unique Ways To Wear Your Purse

Many women carry a purse each day to keep essential items safely stowed away. While purses can provide a number of storage benefits, they can become boring over time. Transforming your purse into a fashion statement doesn't have to be difficult.

Here are three unique ways that you can wear your existing purses in order to have them add style and interest to your outfits in the future.

1. Create a clutch.

When it comes to modern style, few accessories have the power to transform an outfit like the clutch. Many women dismiss clutches because they think they are impractical. If you don't want to invest in a new clutch, you can easily take advantage of the style benefits a clutch can provide by turning your existing strapped purse into a clutch.

Simply remove the straps from your purse if possible, or tuck the straps securely inside the purse if they cannot be removed. Wearing your purse as a clutch for a few days will give you a chic appearance and help you give your neck, back, and shoulders a rest from carrying a heavy purse each day.

2. Create a fanny pack.

Having the ability to carry your essential items in a hands-free manner can be important at times. Fanny packs fasten around a person's waist to provide easy access to the items stowed inside without requiring shoulders or arms as carrying mechanisms.

Since fanny packs tend to weave in and out of fashion through the years, you may not want to invest in the purchase of a new fanny pack. You can easily transform your small crossbody bag into a fanny pack in order to take advantage of this style trend.

Simply place the bag on your hip and put the strap around your waist. Decide how loose you want your bag to hang, then tie a knot in the strap to keep it securely in place. Turning a crossbody bag into a fanny pack is a simple and stylish way to wear your purse.

3. Use a custom strap.

Switching out the strap on your purse can be a great way to alter the look of the bag. If your purse has a removable strap, you can easily unhook thepurse securing strap and put a new designer strap in its place.

These designer straps can add a pop of color or a unique pattern to an otherwise basic handbag, allowing your existing purse collection to become a lot more versatile.

Taking the time to think of some unique ways to wear your purse will allow you to diversify your handbag options in the future.

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